Work - Restoration

Albion Groyne

The Albion Groyne situated next to Brighton’s Palace Pier is a grade 2 listed structure and is a superb example of Victorian engineering. Built with early cementitious mortar the groyne has a curve much like the hull of a ship to direct the force of wave away from the wall.

The section of wall above water level runs along the perimeter and is the most vulnerable part of the design. After decades of constant barrage from the elements it became necessary to rebuild a 120 metre stretch of wall.

Starting in April The Flint Wall company suffered snow, surging tides and heavy rain all under the watchful gaze of the beach folk and the scrutiny of various heritage bodies. It was a challenging and interesting flint project during which we liaised with the council to ensure that this busy area of Brighton’s famous seafront was made safe.

We used mortar analysis and sourced flints from relatively distant Norfolk to ensure that our rebuild referenced the look of the original flint work.