Brighton bungaroosh

Published: 08/05/2012

Putting up a picture in most parts of the country requires a keen eye and a couple of deft taps with a hammer. It's easy. In Brighton however things are a little different. Casualty departments are full of new arrivals with throbbing thumbs and blue tack is sold by the ton, the reason? Bungeroosh.

An example of Bungaroosh in Brighton
An example of Bungaroosh in Brighton

Many of the buildings in Brighton were built with a combination of flint cobbles and brick. This style was locally known as bungaroosh and seems to have been exclusive to the town and surrounding area. It utilised cheap local materials such as flint from the downs, cobbles from the beaches and bits of broken brick. It was quick to construct and with a layer of render on top , the bungaroosh beneath is hidden from view.

Beneath the render of many of Brighton's grandest buildings sit flints and cobbles where perhaps one might expect to find a more expensive building material. Bungeroosh however is a style that is not without aesthetic merit, many garden walls in Brighton are built with great care and consideration. The combination of the materials can provide a very interesting colour combination and make a great backdrop for planting.

Local variety

Throughout the town there are many varied and interesting examples of bungaroosh. We at the Flint Wall Company very much enjoy the creative elements of working in this unique and colourful local style.

So next time the nail you are hammering pings off the wall and whacks you in the nose don't curse bungaroosh or those bygone craftsmen, instead try to rejoice in their thrifty ingenuity.

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