Brick repointing

Published: 16/11/2011

Depending on the building's status, flint work will be framed in masonry of one kind or another.

Vernacular buildings commonly display brick piers and quoins whereas more monumental architecture such as St. Michaels in Lewes may feature lime or sandstone ashlar. Most buildings of any age will be constructed using lime mortar and the mix of this mortar will often blend with that of the flint work.

An absence of grit or aggregate greater than 3-4mm in the joints of the brickwork is normally all that differs from the mortar of the brick and that of the flint. At the Flintwall company we are often employed to re-point flint walls and the condition of the brick work is invariably consistent with that of the flint.

Brick wall before repointing
Brick wall before repointing
Brick wall after repointing
Brick wall after repointing

We therefore have gained extensive experience in re-pointing bricks with lime mortar over the years. Where necessary we can analyse the existing mortar so that we can design our new mortar to match in colour and performance. We are also proficient in the removal of cement as the first step to repointing in lime, this is a task that requires patience and diligence.

Through the use of hand tools we can carefully break out the cement with minimal disruption to the arises of the brickwork. We shy away from the use of power tools such as angle grinders as we believe they cannot be controlled to the same degree a hammer and chisel can.

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